Neno is a Belgian in his twenties, over 18hhs, 2000lbs, soon to be more! Neno arrived here with his brother, Shift, in late August 2017.

We don't know anything about their origins or the work they did, but we do know that they were working horses.

Neno is strong and structurally well developed like hard working horses are. Both Shift and Neno are well-trained teammates and when they see a team go by they get very excited as though to say "take us with you!"

Neno arrived here with navicular (a painful rotation of the coffin bone in the hooves). After the first trim with our farrier he is already feeling much better.

He is very lame in the front but it is not like it was when he arrived here.

Neno is the quieter, shyer one of the two but LOVES attention nonetheless. Both Neno and Shift are extremely affectionate and they love to eat! You will find them in the paddock with a round bale of their own watching the world go by.

They will be with us as long as they need us or until someone loves them so much and can do better for them. Both the boys have the beginnings of EPSM, a metabolic disorder that will require they get really good food for the rest of their lives. No sugar but lots of good fat and some protein. We have lots of experience with this chronic health issue and we know how to stop its progression and hopefully that will extend their lives in their old age.

Both Neno and Shift are wonderful spirits full of love and power and they are sure to help a lot of humans find their way home their hearts...too.