Gulliver is a 15hhs late twenties, Percheron cross and retired carriage horse. Gully could have a book written about him but the short version of his story will have to do here. He started off as an Entemann's Bakery carriage horse at the company mansion in Long Island New York. Due to an unfortunate accident where Gully and his carriage got hit by a car he was retired early to a farm in upstate Vermont. All that knew Gully assumed that he went to live a good life on a beautiful rural farm with other equine friends until one day the news spread that 3 horses were found in a pasture of a farm that had been abandoned for over 3yrs! The horses were spotted in a meadow by some young boys riding their bikes through the farmland.

Gully and his friends were found! Somehow for three years these amazing horses survived the long and cold winters with no one to feed them. If only Gully could talk and tell us about those times and what they encountered and how they took care to survive as they did. We do know that Gully is special and he is very loved, he has friends everywhere who care about his well being and who come to check on him and share some TLC with him too. Our farm is a perfect retirement for him as it allows him to live in a herd in the day and sleep comfortably in his own space at night. He is a bit of a ladies man and has attached himself to our Rosie, another NYC carriage horse who doesn't seem to mind. Gully may look small and thin but don't underestimate the fire in his heart, it is burning strong and bright....just ask the and human!