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Support Working Horses!

Our seven working horses can be hired for just about anything you can imagine doing with horses. It is their way of getting to share what they know and providing you with a way to make them a part of your lives and celebrations.

Weather and scheduling permitting we are happy to offer these services.

If for any reason we are unable to help, you can find worthy hard-working farms who do the same by visiting www.cona.org, (Carriage Operators of America) - a nationwide non-profit organization dedicated to equine welfare and professional skills in your area!

You can read about our working horses here! http://equiculture.org/our_working_horses

Horseback Riding
We have six big young draft horses that can be hired for riding. You must be an advanced rider and have lots of experience. This offer is for those that ride a lot, know horses well, are extremely confident and simply want the experience of riding a BIG horse. All of our riding horses are young and over 18hhs and full of energy! They are well trained but require a confident rider. This activity is NOT insured on our farm and you will have to sign a waiver recognizing this risk.

Ever want to ride on a snowboard behind a horse! We can do that with you! All that is necessary is that you know how to snowboard or ski and we can work it out, weather permitting!

Driving Lessons
We have successfully taught driving singles and teams for over five years now, mainly through the Stockbridge School of Agriculture. We can help you acquire the basic level skills of handling, communicating, harnessing and addressing common health and physical issues in order to safeguard their well being as working partners. We can teach for agricultural purposes and urban jobs. This class is sliding scale and internship programs can be worked out.

Draft Horse 101
Ever want to know a draft horse; to learn to lead, groom and communicate with? We can help. You do not have to have any experience. We are happy to share these skills and maybe you will want to share them with the horses at Blue Star once you have them! This class can be private or watch for advertisement of group classes in 2017!

Both the horses and humans benefit from these jobs and they help to spread our message further. Supporting working horses is good for us all and most especially our community who have this wonderful option of a time tested, proven reliable and worthy workmate, the draft horse! For further information call the Blue Star office at 413-289-9787

Hay Rides
We are happy to bring our wagon to your farm or forest or neighborhood or you can schedule a ride here with friends! Our big wagons hold up to 18 people at a time. On our farm we have scenic roadways that follow along the three rivers that surround the farm and made the area famous! Our farm is loaded with important history and we are always happy to share that tour or let you experience nature in your own way!

Wedding Carriage

Our beautiful white vis-a-vis carriage can be decorated however you like and you can choose the color of horses you want too! We have a black Percheron team, a white Percheron team and a Bay Shire team. Our carriage sits four people.

Romantic Rides

Our specialty! You can take your beloved on a romantic ride anywhere you like! We can meet you at a place of your choosing or you can come to our beautiful farm and ride along the dirt roads that follow the rivers that surround our farm. We provide whatever you like, chocolate, flowers and even the wine and champagne if you like! Make an amazing memory that is sure to last a lifetime and connect to your loved one in a very special and unique way that helps horses, humans and the mother earth!

Sleigh Rides
Weather and snow and good footing permitting we can schedule for a group or for a couple any time of day! if you have a big group we can provide a fire too! We are available for full moon rides in the snow, evening rides and even in a snow shower!!! Relive a special experience from a time not so long ago!

Wagonette Rides
Our beautiful wagonette seats 8 comfortably and can be used for any event! It’s compact size allows for traveling along narrow roads and paths and makes the experience even more personal for you, your family or organization!

Funeral Services

We can provide horse drawn funeral services along with your funeral home. We will do our best to honor your beloved family member or friend. If they were horse lovers this is a beautiful way to bring them to their final resting place.

Agricultural Services
Need a plot plowed or trees removed in an environmentally sensitive way?! We can help along with some very experienced teamsters who have years of experience.

Insurance and Pricing
We are fully licensed and insured. By supporting the working horses on the farm you are also supporting a whole new generation of horse powered young people!

We meet so many that want to build futures with their horses and create horse powered businesses of their own. In this way the horses on the farm benefit by getting their share of income while also providing a way for up-and-coming teamsters to earn an income and gain valuable experience towards running their own farms.

Call for prices and availability! Each job is different. So much depends on the time put in and the distance traveled. We are always willing negotiate what is fair and comparable to other stables offering the same services so as not to undercut or take away from their success!

Gift Certificates Available for any occasion!

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