BSE is in a Ford Truck GOOD WORKS commercial!

This commercial aired in 2014 on the PBR Series - Professional Bull Riders on CBS Sports and ESPN from April 5th all the way to October when they will hold the drawing for who wins the Ford Truck. This minute and a half clip is edited down from over 12 hrs of filming done here on the farm on January 24th. They created a glimpse of our lives from their perspective. They focused on me because we are the only organization among the finalists that is run by a woman.

Thank you to Alan Rochette for contacting the Ford company and telling them about us! Thank you to Nicole Lombardo and Shannon Bizzotto and Paul Moshimer for saying such nice things about me! I do not think I am the most knowledgeable or understanding person about horses and their needs at all, but I do know you all spoke from your hearts and that means everything to me!

I would also like to thank all the herd members and supporters of every kind. This is all of our success! Now lets get some more herd members and keep going strong! We have something special to share and now a large part of the world will be watching!!

Oh yeah, and please vote for us to win a truck! Lord knows our Earl (the truck) would love to get a break!!

Posted by Blue Star Equiculture on Wednesday, April 2, 2014