Shift is a Belgian in his twenties, over 18hhs, 2000lbs, soon to be more! Shift arrived here with his brother, Neno, in late August 2017.

We don't know anything about their origins or the work they did, but we do know that they were working horses.

Shift is strong and structurally well developed like hard working horses are. Both Shift and Neno are well-trained teammates and when they see a team go by they get very excited as though to say "take us with you!"

Shift arrived here with equine lymphedema brought on by a serious infection in his leg contracted at his previous home.

With us, he is receiving the necessary medicine and care he needs as well as all the good nutrition he needs daily.

He is able to walk around with his brother, Neno, in a secure area where they are learning about the other horses from over the fence.

We are convinced the boys will be running the farm soon, once they are put in the big herd with Tex. Belgians tend to do that on this farm and by their behavior with the others we can tell they have every intention of taking over. Tex may have to submit too!

Shift and Neno are older, wiser, and extremely confident horses who are getting stronger every day. Once Shift recovers, and we know he will, he will have to have a managed lifestyle much like Tex, with not too much, but enough, exercise. They will not work again like they once did but their role in a herd is extremely valuable as we are sure to learn soon.