Introducing Arthur, the newly appointed spokes horse for PETA, NYCLASS and multiple groups that aim to ban the horses from our cities.

Arthur was in an accident during a weekend in February 2018 in New York City and it triggered another huge flare-up of anger, resentment and hatred by several radical animal activist groups towards the carriage folks that live and work with their horses.
Here are some links to what has been posted thus far, in case you missed it.

Wall Street Journal article on accident…/crash-of-horse-carriage-in-manhattans…

Post made about the accident by NYCLASS & Co.
Protest Rally called for demanding that Arthur be turned over to a sanctuary of their choice.

The claim that these groups make that there is no sanctuary or “place” for the horses to go when they need it is untrue. I have been running Blue Star Equiculture for nine years (since 2009) and I can speak directly to that one. Blue Star is specifically here to retire the carriage horses from multiple cities, farms, forests as well as anyone that needs a good retirement for their “working class” horses when they are unable to work it out alone.

Arthur has arrived at Blue Star now along with two other NYC carriage horses (Prince and Sarah) that were already scheduled to retire here. We will be taking a few weeks to get to know this lovely horse.

Stay tuned! We will be sure to share the TRUTH about Arthur, the one he shares with us.