About Us

Mission Statement

Blue Star Equiculture is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization (EIN 26-4456559) founded in 2009 to help our community's retired, disabled and homeless horses. BSE operates a 129-acre farm, with 26 draft/working horses in residence.

In our past eight years we have developed useful solutions for coping with some of our countries most serious issues with retired, disabled and homeless horses. We want to share what we have and be of use in furthering efforts everywhere to keep our horses alongside us, culturally and practically, where they belong as active members of our community. We want to facilitate an opportunity for folks to get to know the working horses through educating and in addressing the misinformation today regarding horses working and living alongside us. We offer our work for the horses as a gift of gratitude for all they have shared throughout history alongside us and specifically in America.

America is rooted in horse power. We believe that the draft horse is our national treasure. We seek to have the draft horse - who built our roads, harvested our crops, supplied our railroads, fought our wars and carried us to our graves - recognized as a national treasure, an indispensable part of our heritage and our common history. Sharing gratitude in this way with the horses has only brought beautiful and life changing opportunities to our lives and the countless our horses have touched.

Blue Star thrives on the good will and spirit of the community that supports it. It is a reflection of the love and gratitude we feel for the horses, humans and mother earth. The horses on the Blue Star farm have given us the chance to be the change we want to see in the world.

Partners in Horse Power:

Carriage Operators of America:
Looking for a horse powered business in your area with high credentials? Check them out. There are members in every State and Canada too!

The CONA mission:

CONA is committed to promoting the humane welfare of carriage animals. We promote quality carriage and customer service. We strive to be the voice of the professional carriage industry by representing our membership and assisting government agencies at the local, state and federal levels. We provide open communications and education for members and the public on the operation and management of the carriage trade. We encourage networking and sharing of ideas throughout the industry. www.CONA.org

Draft Animal Power Network
is becoming one of the largest networks in the world supporting draft animal powered farming and logging. Blue Star is a long time friend and supporter of these fine folks and looks forward to developing more ways to share their expertise and wisdom here on the farm. Many of our young draft horses have found forever homes with some of these amazing farmers. Great opportunities to learn and join the conversation or seek advice! Become a member of the Dapnet community and become a part of the "quiet revolution" that animal powered farming is experiencing today! http://www.draftanimalpower.org

Donn Hewes Teamster Training: For intensive training in horse powered farming check out Donn Hews, President of Draft Animal Powered Network and long time horse power farmer! http://www.teamsterschool.com

Healing Harvest Forest Foundation For expert training in logging with horse power and "worse first" forest management check out Jason Rutledge! http://www.healingharvestforestfoundation.org

L'Energie Cheval: (French society of working equines) is a new website sharing the many ways that draft power is making a return in France and beyond! Great information on the versatility and productivity and countless examples of the many ways communities all over the world are using horse power! http://www.energie-cheval.fr/en/menu-principal/utilisations/

The Small Farmer's Journal: https://smallfarmersjournal.com