1991 grey Standardbred mare, registered as "Salisbury Rita"

Rosie is a retired NYC carriage horse.

Rosie was born and bred in Salisbury, Vermont. She is in her mid-late twenties now. She was trained as a pacing standardbred racehorse, and she had a short racing career, before being retired and sold. She spent several years as an Amish buggy horse, before she was bought by a long-time carriage owner in New York City (his family has been in the business for several generations).

Rosie was a fantastic carriage horse during her career. She worked both during the day and at night, when the horses give rides not only in Central Park but throughout mid-town Manhattan, especially around Times Square.

Rosie came to Blue Star in 2010 and that makes her our oldest resident now on the farm. She has outlived almost all of herd mates she met here on the farm, many others have been adopted. Rosie is shy and sweet and knows her routine perfectly well. She puts herself to bed and walks herself out to her turn out in the morning. These days she is with Gulliver but for years she was perfectly fine being alone too. Rosie's very most favorite physical thing as far as we can tell is rolling and covering herself in mud. If it rains she is guaranteed to put on her new "mud coat" and proudly wear it all the time. She has excellent health and could easily live into her thirties with the lifestyle she has now, it suits her perfectly.