Doc came to us April 2016 after waiting for the winter for his space to open up here on the farm. We are so happy he has finally arrived safe and sound and ready to begin his life here on the farm. Doc is the epitome of a wonderful older work horse and in his case former Philadelphia Carriage horse. Doc is a Percheron, 17hhs, approx 1800lbs in his mid twenties. He came from his job with 76 Carriage Co in Philadelphia, Pa.

We don't know a lot about Doc yet, we are all still getting to know each other, him with us and us with him. We can say that he is sweet, quiet, stoic and brave. He likes to go in with the retired herd for part of the day and when he feels like it he likes to be alone in the aisle, in between the paddocks, where he can take long naps and not worry about Sonny biting his butt. He is with Rex and Jasper on the top floor of the barn and he follows them around in the paddocks they are all turned out in. Jasper has not really warmed up yet but Rex and Doc get along fine and it may have to do with the fact that they shared an urban herd in Philly. Both worked in the city in some of the same years and since we know that horses never forget...we are sure they remember each other.

Doc will remain with us unless something much better can happen for him where he can be retired and spoiled the rest of his life and based on his good health that should be a very long time!