Advisory Board

Linda Kramer

Upon having the idea to create a sanctuary Pamela reached out to her "boss" at the time, Linda Kramer, the manager of 76 Carriage Co. in Philadelphia.

Pamela respected Linda's knowledge and experience of the working horse world and wanted to know if what we wanted to create was something that could or should be done. Linda agreed and has been working and consulting with BSE ever since. Her wisdom and sensitivity to the kind of issues that arise from publicly handling working horses and running one of the most successful urban stables in the country inspires us all and the many young up and coming teamsters on our farm. Linda is former President of CONA, Carriage Operators of North America,, a collective of horse powered businesses all over the country and into Canada.

We have learned a lot from Linda and are sure to learn more and more as we carry on working together creating a sanctuary with a very important purpose, to be there for our working horses in need.

In 2014, Linda and Mike Slocum of 76 Carriage Co. sent a brand new carriage for Josie, Mario and Pam, so that we could compete in the carriage class at the World Percheron Congress in West Springfield. We finished third in the world! A perfect outcome for the hard work we have done together through the early years of growing our new organization and the strength BSE has with it's horse community behind it.


Tommy Doyle

Tommy Doyle is a long time friend of Blue Star Equiculture, he is also a long time herd member. He is always available for consultation and is always doing his best to help represent working horses everywhere. Tommy has the kind of life style and business that many young people we meet are interested in pursuing and like so many of the NYC drivers he makes himself available to help mentor in any way he can.

Tommy is a former President of CONA (Carriage Operators of America) and very active member of the South Carolina Horse Council. Tommy runs one of the most successful urban stables in America. Established in 1972, Palmetto Carriage Works is the oldest carriage company in historic Charleston, S.C. Still family-owned and operated by the Doyle’s, the company offers guided horse and mule-drawn tours of Charleston’s downtown and residential historic district for the thousands of visitors hoping to take in the charm and history of the city in a more authentic way.

The Palmetto Carriage “herd” is made up of 35 mules, 20 horses, two goats, and six chickens. The “Big Red Barn” in downtown Charleston comfortably holds up to 28 animals in large box stalls. The barn is also a historical landmark, the Doyle family remains steadfast in keeping their barn and animals in the place where they are woven into so much early American history.

If you are ever in Charlestown please stop by for a visit and tell them Blue Star sent you! You will be treated like the honored guest they believe all are! Another proud and happy horse people, living and working with their horses and mules and providing inspiration and joy while sharing their beloved city and it's amazing history.

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