Noodle is a Percheron cross in his early twenties. He is about 16hhs and pure white. Noodle or Dick as he is also known started as an Amish farm horse until he went to live a life of luxury as a carriage horse for the 76 Carriage Company in Philadelphia for a decade, and his sweet personality is a testament to that. Noodle retired to our farm after damaging a ligament in his right hind leg. The New Bolton Center in PA and Mill Valley Vets in Belchertown, MA have both completed x-rays on his leg, and both were inconclusive. Noodle walks comfortably on the toe of his right hind, but cannot fully extend his heel to the ground. That doesn't stop him from running around the pasture, chasing after Penelope and Feather though! Our farrier, Tony Diemand, has created an orthopedic shoe for him, which has given him a great deal of comfort and enabled him to move more comfortably. These days life is getting a bit harder for Noodle and as soon as it affects his quality of life and he can't follow his friends we will help him to cross over. For now he is content and amazingly healthy in every other way as so many urban working horses are with their great physical shape for so much of their lives due to the long walks in some of America's most beautiful National Parks.