Sarge is a beautiful draft cross gelding who started his life on an Amish farm. He learned to drive carts and eventually was sold to a trail ride outfit in the Adirondacks where he worked as a mountain pack horse. Sarge lost his job and was sent to auction when his eyesight started to fail him. Sarge is 100% blind in both eyes now due to a degenerative disease that began a couple of years ago. He is about 16hhs, in his late teens in perfect health, smart and the alpha leader of his herd of disabled and retired horses.

Sarge came to us through the Dorset Equine Rescue in Vermont who looked for somewhere safe that Sarge could live out his life before he lost his total vision. Sarge arrived in early Spring 2015 and has become vital member of the farm. His command of his surroundings is inspiring but even more so are his feats in riding and driving with his friend Brandon Carney, who has spent countless hours for months and months helping Sarge do the things he does so well…without his eyes.

We are sure he will continue to do great things in his life and we are proud to be alongside him to witness it all!