The Herd

OUR WORKING HERD. Click here to learn their individual stories.

Blue Star has eight working horses who came to us when very young, when their families couldn't keep them anymore. It was the families' hope that the horses could be raised and trained by us and go on to become our working horse ambassadors, who in their own way, could bring attention and support to our important mission for the horses that need us most. We thought that was a great idea, and as a result, we now have four registered Percherons and four registered Shires, mature and trained and able to help us in the community in any way they are needed.

These horses are smart, stunning, and well behaved and they love a crowd and the people in them! They are BSE's greatest asset and most important teachers and helpers in our community outreach with jobs we do in parades, wagon rides, horse shows, weddings, land clearing and logging and plowing. The money they earn goes back to help the herd on the farm, working horses taking care of working horses, it is only natural.

THE RETIRED HERD. Click here to learn our Retired Herd's individual stories.

Our herd of retired horses includes many from the New York and Philadelphia carriage industries. It also includes a variety of retired race horses, logging horses, and those that lived in neglectful situations who needed a safe home. This herd is extremely diverse in breed and personality. We find horses with physical impairments to be some of the most amazing teachers and partners that we meet. Their handicaps are simply opportunities to develop other and sometimes more impressive abilities.

OUR DISABLED HERD. Click here to learn their individual stories.

Helping horses with disabilities also gives us important experience in helping horse owners deal with similar challenges with their own horses, and in doing so, we inspire and encourage others to not give up on their horses when they are struggling with setbacks of any kind but to reach out for help and support.