We Believe


Currently there is a lot of misinformation in the public about the lives and well-being of working horses. We seek to have the draft horse — which built our roads, harvested our crops, supplied our railroads, fought our wars, and carried us to our graves — recognized as a national treasure, an indispensable part of our heritage and our common history.

  • We believe that horses and humans fundamentally belong together.
    • We have  journeyed the same path for the past 6000 years or more. We have made the horse who he is, and the horse has made us who we are. This is a bond that should not be broken and with it comes moral obligations to the horse.
  • We believe that all horses deserve loving homes where their physical and social needs will be met.
    • Draft horses and other “working” horses have, through their co-evolution with humans, developed a psychological capacity and need to be with people. They enjoy their work, whether that “work” is in harness pulling a carriage or a plow, under saddle, or as a companion.
  • We believe that “work” should not have a pejorative connotation.
    • When we speak of “working horses,” we are speaking of what these horses do. “Work” can and should have a positive meaning. “Work” for horses in the context of meaningful, productive partnership with humans should never be equated with “slavery”. (We find slavery to be morally repugnant, and as such, slavery should not be a term thrown around cavalierly to describe the domesticated horse.)
  • We believe that in these troubled economic and environmental times, working horses offer a sustainable means of equine husbandry.
    • We hope to create other opportunities for working horses to have meaningful jobs in our community and beyond. We hope to help initiate new opportunities for working horses in local environments, collecting recycling, or making deliveries.
  • We believe that all horses everywhere have immeasurable gifts to share with humanity.
    • As we face the inevitable challenges ahead in restoring balance to our inner and outer worlds, horses can help lead the way with their ancient adaptability, profound sensitivity and mysterious ability to mirror human behavior. Horses are rare and expert teachers of the kind of qualities that lift up human potential. This capacity is undeniable. As more and more of the scientific and horse community agree, the horse has a tremendous positive effect on any individual open to learning from them, especially in regards to clear communication and connection.