Letter from Darcie Confar, owner of Hamletgrove Farm, the new Forever Farm for the Blue Star Herd.


I’m writing today to share the happy news that Blue Star Equiculture has found a forever farm, where the herd can thrive and continue to do the good works that they were born and bred for.

Hamletgrove Farm is a 65-acre stone-walled property that was a typical New England farmstead thru the mid-1900s before being allowed to return to brush and forest.  Blue Star’s herd has the horsepower that can restore this property to its former productive glory.  Blue Star Equiculture has been here a mere three months and already the changes are a marvel.   Invasive species are being eliminated, pastures are being reclaimed, and gardens have been planted.


The past three years have been a tempest of change for Blue Star and its community of supporters and yet it has emerged; not unscathed but certainly wiser and in a better place and stronger position to grow their impact in the local community and beyond.   The core groups of people that they live to help (and who help them in return), have made the move too; most notably the Center of Hope in Southbridge; as well as the Veterans from Florence and Holyoke Hospitals and the inner city youth with the “I found Light” org. Blue Star also continues to have the support of many local farmers of our surrounding towns, Clover Springs Farm, Winter Hill Farm, Walkers Farm, Eastleigh Farm and more.  That they were able to stay close to them means the world to us all.



Here in West Brookfield we have the space we need as well as the support of landowners who believe wholeheartedly in our mission of healing horses, humans, and Mother Earth.  We are poised to build a facility that can teach the skills needed to keep these magnificent horses in our lives for generations while enriching the land and the community.   Please help us now as you did in the past by contributing with a one-time donation or on a recurring basis as a herd member.

Join us for this week-end’s   Open House and meet the horses and humans drafting a better future for all!SpringInspiration (3)


Thank you!


Darcie Confar

Herd Member!


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