Our Open House and $25,000 Matching Gift!

Honoring Silver Fox as new Herd Leader after the sad passing of our beloved Tex.

Tex would be so proud and happy and probably is! In his own way of course. We know he would have appreciated all the attention and love the herd received this past Saturday at our first
Open House.
Not only was it appreciated it was much needed too. The move from one farm to another and starting completely over is daunting enough but to keep in place so many routines related to the caregiving to the horses on a new farm with almost no physical structures is downright stressful…for us all.
The reasoning for starting all over on overgrown farm land is that it is the one place we were invited, even generously welcomed, to proceed with our mission as it is and the very heart of that mission is putting together the general public with the horses in all the ways that inspire, heal, restore and validate the ancient relationship we all share.
It is not a new idea but it is an expression of deep gratitude for an ancient friend for whom we love and respect so much. Turns out we are not alone and nothing to could make us happier!
Thank you to ALL that came and celebrated this amazing day, of many more to come!
We are happy and feeling mighty proud and a great deal more empowered with the very generous matching gift donation of $25,000 from one of our most devoted supporters.
With this donation we are able to continue on building this amazing farm as we have envisioned it, practical, simple, circular, beautiful and useful to equine welfare, culture, history, skills, environmental restoration and community locally and beyond!
Help us reach our goal of Matching $25,000 today! You can find updates for the money raised posted in the mornings on our Facebook page. We need to get ready for the Winter and we can’t do it without your help!
Thank you for helping us draft a better future for all!

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