Blue Star Equiculture was founded in 2009. We wanted to create a farm that not only provides sanctuary for retired, disabled and homeless working horses but also provides opportunities for the community to meet and learn from our working horse friends, horse and human,  first hand.

Hundreds of horses and humans can take credit for helping to shape what Blue Star is today. While we still have a long way to go in creating the sustainable farm we have dreamed of we are finally on land where this is now possible.

In the past 10 years, we have provided care for well over 500 horses. Many went on to find forever homes and a great number stayed and lived out their last years with us. Each and every horse becomes a close friend, family member and teacher to all of us lucky to be involved with them.

We act independently of other animal welfare groups and political movements that we consider contrary to the well being of the horses, the farm, the environment and their care. We offer our service for our equine partners and friends in appreciation and love. We honor their kind, who have helped shaped the world we live in today.

We believe in horses, humanity and mother earth and the inherent connection we all share in the web of life. We believe in creating the change we want to see in the world for the good of all of life and especially for our working horse friends.

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