Alfie is a 10 year old Percheron gelding and he is a STUNNING perfectionist. He works himself up easily because he is overly concerned and concentrated on making everything perfect! That means he needs more encouragement and praise than some of our other horses, and then he succeeds!

He is also incredibly beautiful. He is one of Tex’s enforcers, in other words if Tex doesn’t like it, neither does he, and he will do something about it.

He can be seen in our pastures playing halter tag, or chasing around his herd mates. Alfie is the smaller brother in the herd at only about 17hhs but he has hair that even Fabio would covet!

Alfie has been diagnosed with a severely arthritic degenerative joint in his coffin/ankle bone area on his front left. Because of this condition Alfie is no longer able to work alongside his herd mates as he once did.

He is able to learn tricks and do on the ground games and he has some human friends doing that with him. Alfie wears special shoes that help keep the pressure off of the painful joint and he receives special supplements to keep the inflammation at bay.

This news was heartbreaking to those of us who know him and know how much he likes to work in harness, but we have learned from him that, living life as horses do, by being in the moment..moment to moment…can still give you a wonderful and blessed life.

Alfie has won many hearts and still has so much to do with his special horse powers and we will be with him through it all

Alfie came to us as a gift with Piper, Remix, and Mario in May 2012 from Clifford and Kathleen Jackson of Maine.

Feather & Alfie