Big Ben & Tommy the Pinball Wizard

Ben & Tommy

Big Ben and Tommy Pinball Wizard are 8 year old Shires out of Metheringham Upton Isaac from Oxkill Shire Farm

Both boys are still growing with Ben the smaller of the two at 17.2hhs and 2200lbs and Tommy at 18.2 at about 2400lbs.

These young boys came to us with their brothers Foxy and Merlin when they could no longer remain at their home in the Hamptons. The family agreed that it would be best for them to remain together and be raised to work as Ambassadors of their endangered breed-the Shire Horse of England. There are less than 2100 left in the world.

Shires were named England’s National Treasure in the early 1900’s. We hope the boys inspire more people to love them, include them and remind them of our long and important shared history!

They have been with us since early 2013 and have brought so much joy to everyone they have met. Tommy and Ben were adopted out for a short time to local friends and returned when it became clear that they would need a lot of intensive training and handling to become the model citizens they needed to become.

We are happy to report that they have both far exceeded our expectations and participate in all kinds of activities we have on and off the farm. Having matured here with us they have grown to be real ambassadors for their kind, the herd they help represent and the loving nature Shires are so well known for.

The boys both work for the farm and are able to do just about any job where horse power is needed. So, if you would like to hire them please let us know! We love finding them jobs and they love doing them and they are getting better and better at them all time!

Tommy the Pinball Wizard
Big Ben