Some of their stories are very sad and hard to fathom but most are uplifting and inspiring to say the least. Bill is a Philadelphia carriage horse who retired during the summer of 2017.

What is extraordinary about Bill, I would say, is that as a youngster at 5yrs old, he was bought by 76 Carriage Co. with a sway back. Bill was born that way and he has no problem structural or otherwise with it, like so many swaybacks do.

What I love most is that the experts at 76 Carriage Co. didn’t care so much about his sway back, but more about his willingness, and dare we say happiness, at pulling along a carriage for a living. Bill went on to live for the next 18 yrs working with the folks in Philadelphia, changing his drivers lives with his special personality and antics and having a happy stable life for the duration. He is still strong and full of life and now retired.

Bill is not quite ready to retire though, and thankfully there are some young people here that will take the opportunity to learn from him. Meanwhile he occupies himself with his new job of helping care for the little fillies that are turned out with him.

Bill is extraordinary. The folks at 76 Carriage Co. are extraordinary too for having given him a life that helped him shine WITH his sway back! In a world where looks seem to mean so much, especially in the horse world, Bill stands out as an ambassador for the working horses who count too! Looks are not everything ….even for horses.