Blue Star Gardens

As always, Blue Star Equiculture is committed to sustainable growing practices. We never use petrochemicals for fertilizers, pesticides or herbicides. Our vegetables and flowers are grown with composted manure from the Blue Star herd and most of the work in the garden is done by hand with minimal use of tractors or heavy equipment to reduce soil compaction.

Everything comes from the soil! It is there that we can begin to heal ourselves and our communities in a fundamental way. Learning to be with be, care for, observe and trust Nature alongside a horse or team of horses can help restore your connection to the Web of Life. The lessons learned from allowing Nature to guide and teach us can be our salvation. There is an incredible intelligence in Nature (and horses) and there are natural laws that govern it all. When we disconnect from this awareness and respect thereof we are foolishly setting ourselves up for unnecessary suffering.

Our working horses are part of a team, whether with another horse or human. Of course, working together in partnership lessens the workload of each. But teammates also support each other emotionally as well as physically. In fact, the word team in the English language, has its origin specifically in any two horses or oxen that were hitched together; only later did the term “team” come to be used, metaphorically, for people working together. We excel at Horse and Human Team building!



The Spiral Gardens
In the spiral gardens this year we grew some different crops to either generate more seeds to save these rare varieties, or as part of the Experimental Farm Network which connects farmers and scientists to grow seeds for specific traits. We’re participating in trials to grow more drought-tolerant and high yield grains for areas of the world affected by droughts and famines as well as a trial to yield a true purple tomato that tastes great.