Blue Star’s Mission

Blue Star Equiculture has been created to provide retirement and sanctuary for retired, disabled and homeless working horses that need it. In addition, Blue Star is committed to educating the community on the value of keeping our working horses alongside us along while addressing the misinformation in the public today about their well being.

What we do and why

Blue Star specializes in draft horses, those that work in harness in urban and/or rural communities. We are open to all horses in need but focus on those working in harness mainly. We evaluate each horse for whatever time it takes in order to help either adopt them out to forever homes or keep them safely cared for with us for the duration of their lives.

We have all five of the original draft breeds brought over from Europe to help build America. Three of those five draft breeds brought over in the mid-1800’s are now on the Critically Endangered Species list. The beloved Shires (the largest horses in the world) with only 2200 left, the Clydesdales with less than 4000 left and the Suffolk Punch at less than 1200. We want to help share how critical an issue this is culturally as we stand to lose so much skills and knowledge about who they are, where they come from and why it matters that we include them again in our communities for our own well being, as much as theirs.

We have working horse ambassadors that have been raised on the farm that are available to do jobs in their community. The public is invited to come and meet the horses on the farm or out in the community in local parades, fairs, wagon rides, farms and much more.  We seek to promote and include the horses in jobs cleaning up and restoring the sensitive environmental landscapes, local delivery, distribution, and transportation.

Horses help cultivate mindfulness, self-esteem, confidence, integrity, and compassion and so much more therapeutic wise. They are ancient partners and friends and they deserve to come to a better future for us all, in fact, they can help draft it!

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