Bob is an elderly Belgian draft work horse with a steady and calm personality. He has no molars left so we can assume he is somewhere in his late twenties to early thirties.

Bob came to us recently from his home where he had been living for the last couple of years, dearly loved. He was bought back from the kill buyers at an auction by his new family so no one knows the whole story of his long life but we can assume based on his build and demeanor and some rub marks, he most definitely did his share of work somewhere.

When we heard about Bob, he was about to go to another rescue but they asked if we would help when they were asked to take in draft mules that needed them more. We do not have mules or donkeys and knowing that by us taking Bob would give the other rescue an opportunity to help other working equines in urgent need, we did the only thing we could do, Help!

Bob will most likely remain a resident here at Blue Star for the rest of his life. These days he hangs out with his new best friend Sam who has also had his share of losses in the past year, among them his very best friend, Chance.

The boys spend their days and nights together in an area big enough for them both with plenty of room to sleep and hang out. Outside they wander around eating and sharing and napping.

We already love Bob and we are getting to know him well. He would make a great teaching horse along with Sam who already is! A big part of teaching is allowing students to learn to groom! You can imagine how much the boys love that!!


RIP Dear Old Bob 

We are going to miss you too but we are so grateful for the time we had. Bob was rescued from the kill pen and cared for by his loving friend Jamie Lott until she was unable to do so and reached out to us for help last year. Sam, having lost Chance needed a friend too so the two became besties. We know Sam will miss him but we also know that Bob wants it this way. He is old and tired and very peaceful and ready to leave now. He was loved and appreciated and will always be remembered as the epitome of a Grand Old Man