Q. What is Equiculture?
A. It’s horses, culture, history, ecology, interdependence, connection.
Q. When was Blue Star founded?
A. 2009
Q. Why was Blue Star created?
A. To help provide loving, nurturing homes for the retired, disabled and homeless working horses. Click here to find out more about Blue Star’s Mission.
Q. Who pays for Blue Star?
A. People like you do! Blue Star Equiculture runs on donations made by the general public. It costs an average of $2500/week just for the basic care of our herd.
Q.Why do horses become unwanted/homeless?
Q. Can I adopt a horse?
A. Yes. Blue Star has helped over 300 horses get adopted into new forever homes. Click here to find out more about our adoptions and the horses that are available.
Q. Is there a fee for adopting a horse?
A. No. We at Blue Star feel that there is no fair way to assess the true value of these magnificent animals. We simply ask that you “Join the Draft Herd” for whatever amount you can and maintain that membership for one year.
Q. Does Blue Star provide help to current horse owners who find themselves in need?
A. Yes. There is a waiting list and it is consider on a case by case basis. If you need help with your horse please click here for more information.
Q. How can I help the horses at Blue Star?
A. There are several ways to help. You can become a herd member, donate items from our Amazon wish list, attend events, hire our working herd, volunteer, or simply come and meet our incredible herd.