Finbar, aka Finny Fin bar, is a legend in his own time.

Finbar came to us in early 2014 and we have loved every minute with him. He is a compact Percheron cross, about 15hhs, in his thirties and going strong. Fin came to us from his retirement with his nearly life long family. He worked alongside his human partner NYC carriage driver, Frank Rodden, an awesome tour guide horseman from Ireland. Frank can talk for hours about his beloved Finbar and tell long stories of different amazing episodes of their lives together.

We know that Fin started on an Amish farm and was spotted by his soon to be owner, Frank, while he was plowing a field in a 4-across hitch. Frank and his friends, all carriage drivers from Ireland, know good horses when they see them and they knew Finbar was great. They were right, as unlikely as it is. Fin’s Amish family did not want to sell him. They, too, knew that he is and would continue to be a great horse. Frank won after paying an unprecedented amount for him. Finbar took to his urban life perfectly and soon owned the roads. He even became famous for his special ability to double park!

Finny needed to come to BSE when his herd at home grew and he was pushed out. Frank couldn’t bare to see him depressed and lonely at the far reaches of the paddocks because the other horses didn’t want to include him so he asked if Fin could come and live out his life in the way he deserved, in a way that honored and shared special attention just for him.

Fin fit in right away and began to flirt with the ladies. He eventually fell in love with Chyna and was devoted to her all the way up until the end of her life this past winter. After a couple of months of just hanging around and not really mingling much with the others, he took to Lucy, our retired police horse, who is also a bit of a loner. These days Fin can be found alongside his little girlfriend. Like all mares Lucy decides where they go during the day and with whom they hang out and he doesn’t mind at all.

Every once in a while, Finbar goes out for a ride with a friend or two, and he loves it! He loves exploring and walking along the tree line on the farm, seeing all the sights and stretching his short little legs. Fin is never sick or moody or sensitive, he is always rock solid, unless you take his girlfriend away, but he doesn’t mind leaving her for some exercise every now and then.

Fin will live out his life with us, surrounded by love and respect and a lot of gratitude for little champion legends like him!