Foxy is an almost 20hh, 7-year-old Shire who came to the farm in August 2012 with his brothers Merlin, Tommy and Ben.

When he was younger, Foxy got stuck in a mud bog and during the rescue and the stress of freeing himself from the mud he sustained some injury to his shoulders and back end. These structural injuries were not noticed and he has now developed in a way that has mildly crippled him. We are constantly exploring different ways to help Foxy adjust to his growing and developing body.

Acupuncture and essential oil treatments have added more mobility and comfort in his hips. The paddock paradise design encourages him to keep moving, which has greatly improved his gait.

He is very friendly and loving. He is close to his brother Merlin and you will find them both at the fence hoping to greet new friends.

Foxy waits at the fence while his brothers and friends get dressed in harness, about to do something exciting. Due to his hind end, he cannot participate in the same activities as his buddies. Foxy can be ridden lightly. He loves attention in any way that he can get it. Come by and meet him at the fence!