Join The Draft Herd

Herding around the feeder

Your on-going donation ensures that every horse will always have high-quality hay and grain including a full spectrum of multi-vitamin and mineral supplementation for digestion, hoof, coat, immune, joint and muscle maintenance. Herd Memberships help with medical, hoof and dental care throughout the year as well as the expenses of operating the farm. Our annual costs on avg in the past nine years is $250,000 much of which is raised in small campaigns and work in the community. We need over 2000 herd members to cover our costs. Currently we have over 300. We are on a long-term campaign to reach those potential members. Please consider joining us for as little as $10 a month, or any other amount you choose, and help us reach our goal. It doesn’t take a lot of us to make a big difference for the horses that need us!

You are helping to contribute to all the physical needs of the horses that live here on an ongoing basis. We welcome you to visit and share in getting to know the horses better and help us to share their amazing stories. The horses do the real work of helping us to live better lives, more conscious and aware of the interconnected web of life we all share. Know that you have personally contributed to the well-being of a horse in need and in that way you are showing gratitude to them for all they have given mankind. It is a win/win for all. Thank You!