Mario is a 10 year old Percheron gelding standing about 18hhs. He is our all star, champion, do-it-all horse, who we rely on and appreciate deeply!

He plows the fields, prances through parades, wins hearts, tilts his head for treats and embodies the spirit of a working horse completely.

In May of 2012, he came to BSE as a gift with Alfie, Piper, and Remix, though he is not related to them.

With Mario’s help we hope to remind our community of the significant contribution the horses brought to the pre- and post- industrial area of Western Mass. Our community is steeped in history from the first nation’s peoples that lived here and every chapter of the birth of America before and after the revolution where things were set motion that are still changing the whole world as we know it.

Mario can help us to remember that we are on a shared road into the future. What happens to him and his kind, happens to us all in that we lose an intimate connection to who we are.