Mark, gelding, BIG HITCH CIRCUS HORSE, late twenties, Belgian 18.2 hhs. Some allergy and breathing issues, otherwise great health.

To write about Mark is to write about the history of Blue Star as he has been with us nearly from the beginning.

Mark was a gift from Conkey Lumber Co. in Belchertown, Ma along with two other magnificent Belgian hitch horses, Iceman and Tony B.

All three horses helped us to build our mission in all the ways that really matter. Iceman and Mark did wagon rides, parades, funerals, ceremonial events and even carried Chief Arvol Looking Horse of the Great Sioux Nation during his ceremony for World Peace and Prayer Day.
With their help we were able to get attention in the ways that only they could have brought us with their beauty and power and professional parade experience.

Mark started his long life as a member of the famous Dick Sparrows 40 Horse Hitch.He was bred by the Sparrow family and has all the qualities that they cultivated in their long history of breeding beautiful Belgians. Mark helped us tell the story of the circus parade horses that helped PT Barnum bring his circus wagon “The World” into towns and cities, along with all the heavy haulers that moved loads across America. Mark has helped us tell the story of the big hitch horses contribution to our early American history in building the cities and roadways that would help us gain the economic strength to become the world power America has become.

Happily, Mark is still with us and we hope for more months and years to come. All of the horses we meet have incredible stories and have touched so many lives. What better way to say thanks than to take really good care of them until the end. This is exactly why we created Blue Star Equiculture, to share, to honor, to respect and love them until they leave us.


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