Merlin is brother to Tommy and Ben and Foxy, all young Shires that came to the farm in late August 2012.

Merlin is about 20hhs now and is still filling out to his full potential. Merlin is truly giant sized and like many giant sized horses he deals with some issues in his hind end. He has some string halt spasms in his hips every once in a while. That seems to be less when he is more active.

He loves people and especially small children and is very best at standing and letting them hug and pet and kiss him. He is a big love and true friend to his other herd mates and big brother to his younger brother always with an eye on keeping them in line, keeping order alongside Tex, whom he follows and accompanies when allowed.

Like his brothers, Tommy, Ben and Foxy, he too shares special lessons with us in courage and power, real horse power. They all possess the goodness and greatness that Shires are known for

The boys are natural ambassadors for their kind. The Shire, once great and mighty partners in building civilization, our cities and roadways, railways, farms and anything that required great horse power and teamwork.