We are fortunate to have met these three special, interesting and loving friends. Those of us taking care of the horses directly had little or no experience with raising young calves but with experts among us like dairy farmer Donald Ela we need not have worried a moment. Cooper came first needing a safe warm place to recover from frostbite and a terrible infection in his leg. He was less than 2mths old when we met him and very withdrawn and sad. We could tell he missed his mother tremendously we will did all we could to make sure to nurture him with all we could. We sat with him and held him and Frida the dog even did her part…for months. Cooper ended up losing his ears due to the damage the frostbite did. Along with Coopers daily bottle feedings he needed to be encouraged to move and he had no interest in it. Donald found him two more friends like himself, babies, Diego and Frankie ( a girl) needing the nurturing that they were missing with their mothers. The calves had to be bottle fed for the next several months while we moved and life changed for us all.

As they grew we walked them and handled them and decided to train them to pull so that they too could help us on the new land we found ourselves on. They didn’t mind at all. They are over a year now and still growing, their mature body weight will be that of a draft horse! They will all reach over 2000lbs. These days they are helping to clear the tangled forests where the old pastures are on Hamletgrove Farm. This job is by far their very best one, they love the forest and they especially love the endless things to eat. They are steadily making their way through the overgrown invasives and making a way for us to go in and restore the land as it should be.

Needless to say, we love them very much and they are a huge part of the Blue Star farm and they know it. They call us when they need us or want something and they share their warm and loving grounded presence with us whenever we need a good real and super comfortable warm hug. Come and meet them for yourself and get a hug! You will never be the same nor will you ever see the cows the same, it is what we experienced and with that knowledge, we can do more and more to give them the lives they deserve.


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