Our Work

Blue Star Equiculture’s Work

Blue Star Equiculture provides compassionate and loving care for horses whether they are living out their lives with us or getting therapeutic and medical care required for their long term or short-term disabilities. At BSE, we specialize in retiring working horses whose owners can no longer keep them. Over the years, we have retired over 300 NYC and urban carriage horses, farm horses, logging horses and police horses.

Each horse is evaluated for their special needs to determine what will bring the most comfort to the horse, whether it is full retirement or part-time work or exercise. We keep our horses in two herds, one with retired and disabled (slower) horses and another with the younger disabled and ambassador work horses of the farm. In this way we provide a healthy way for the horses to socialize and partner with horses of their choice. This has created some wonderful bonding relationships that surprise, entertain and teach us endlessly!

We also seek to find forever loving homes and have adopted out over 500 horses since we began in 2009. We are proud of our success at “matching” horses to humans that they are well suited for and with whom they bond deeply. There is nothing like finding a forever home for a horse with a family of their own.