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Prince is a 21 year old Percheron cross, who came to NYC as a (much darker, dappled) 4 year old from Amish country in Lancaster County, PA. He worked for 16 years in Central Park, and spent the last year, easing into retirement on a vacation Farm, and waiting for a spot at Blue Star.

We have been told Prince lives up to his regal name, and expects to be given attention and have his whims catered to. We think we can manage that!

Prince may not be as much of an instant celebrity as his new friend Arthur, but he was quite a celebrity on Central Park South, for fans of the famous NYC carriage horses.

He even had an article written about him and his owner Rob, and what they like to eat. (It’s one of the best media articles about the carriage horses and their people, I think.) You can read it here:

“He sits on the red velvet seat of his white carriage, with a top hat on his head. The smell of horses is permanently infused in his clothes and white horse hair sticks to his coat thanks to Prince, an 18-year-old Percheron-cross draft horse with a milky white coat speckled with grey. The horse expects Rosenberg’s undivided attention. If Rosenberg turns his back, Prince will automatically nudge his head against Rosenberg’s shoulders until he turns back around. ‘Look at him, the whole world is at his beck and call,’ says Rosenberg. ‘Prince doesn’t work for you — you work for Prince.