Punch came to us in Sept. 2015 from the islands around Nantucket. He lived on a beautiful island with other horses until it was decided that he should find a home that would do things with him.

Punch is an American Spotted Draft about 16hhs in his early teens. Punch started as an Amish horse and was sold. He is one of the sweetest most affectionate and active horses we have ever met.

When Punch came to us we thought he would be a perfect candidate for Chief Arvol Looking Horse’s Memorial Ride horse. (Chief Arvol’s horse was becoming too old for some of the journeys.)

However, after getting to know Punch, we discovered that long distance rides wouldn’t be good for him. We realized that Punch would not fare very well in the way that Arvol’s horses do – turned out onto the endless plains until rounded up and needed for rides.

While he would be loved and cared for in the Lakota style, he is not hardy in the same way the plains horses are. Punch also has some difficulty swallowing and requires that his food be wet down to a soupy mash. There is no obstruction but it does appear that there is scarring from tubing done before arriving at Blue Star.

Punch has now taken the place of Alfie in the working horse crew and works alongside Mario. He loves going out and meeting people and he puts all his heart in the hitch he is in, whether it is with Mario or Remix, just never put him with Piper….she hates him….for reasons only she knows.

Look for Punch at the fence or working out in the community, he loves making friends and he never forgets a single one!