Share the Road


Share the Road Horses Paved the Way
Originally conceived of with our carriage horse friends in Philadelphia, NYC and Charlestown South Carolina, today our Share the Road campaign has grown to include Jose Rubero, lifelong horseman and owner of Paso Fino’s and the Granby Horse Council of Belchertown, MA. The second Saturday of June we take to the streets to remind all to slow down and make time and space for the ones that built the roads! We hope that one day this special event is shared by equestrians all over the country and world!

Our Share the Road campaign is a simple reminder of laws that already exist protecting our horses and private and commercial equestrians on pubic roadways. By facilitating the presence of horses in developed areas and on the road, we re-connect the public with horses. Responsibly reintroducing horses builds community cooperation in conservation efforts and equestrian issues. In 2014, the city of Holyoke, MA. approved Share the Road signage throughout the city and its neighborhoods.


Share the Road. Horses Paved the Way and it’s the Law!