FEEDBACK Liquid Compost Super Concentrate

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5 Gallons FB SUPER CONCENTRATE = TREATS 5 Acres MAKES 7040 gallons solution. APPLY 12 oz per 100 gallons water!


Great for Lawns, Nurseries, Tree Farms, Flower and Vegetable Farms, Ornamentals, Golf Courses and Greenhouses! Essentially anything that grows will benefit from Feedback!

Feedback Liquid Compost Conditioner is a specialized formula and a Professional Grade GROWING TONIC & gourmet meal for SOIL.

It is a Solution & Microbes Perfect for: Detox, Microbiological Health $ Growing for MAXIMUM PRIME PLANTS!

Used to condition, amend & balance your soil. May be used with fertilizer & with other horticultural products.

Use alone or add to nutrient mix. Helping them do better!

ADD FEEDBACK Liquid Compost to your regular watering program for AMAZING RESULTS!

Soil & Plant Health is a result of the 7 Keys to Soil Health! FEEDBACK addresses all of the keys to soil health.

Ingredients include:

Prehistoric Compost (Leonardite/Humates) is the source of the Humic Acid & other compounds.

Humic Acid in the presence of soil microbes stimulates them to act on doing their unique job in nature. This powerful Plant Extract Ferment maximizes your growing experience.

Healthy Soil & Solution = Healthy Plants

Feedback is truly the BEST there is Naturally!

Note: Not for internal use. Does not contain animal products & is not tested on animals.

Go Organic!

SOIL FOOD for ALL soil types anywhere!



Your purchase helps care for our herd of retired, homeless and disabled working horses at!

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This is a food for Soil Microbes! UNCONDITIONALLY GUARANTEED!

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