The Cattle Herd

Cooper, Diego and Frankie!

Cooper came to us through the beautiful Young family who adopted our Clyde, Micah. They found Cooper left in a field after his whole herd was shipped off. He somehow survived the first Nor Easter we had but only barely…without his mother’s milk he was weak and dehydrated. The children of this family loved him and knew they needed more help saving his life so they asked me. These children and their parents live close to the earth and appreciate all life and there was no way I could let them down without trying….I had no idea what Coopers future would be but I knew the children would be watching and hoping he made it. My dog Frida helped and then so did everyone else on the farm including our dairy farming friends who brought friends for Cooper of his own kind. We have all grown to love him and be inspired by all three babies who are fast becoming the magnificent Normandy cows they were born to be. Surrounded by the horses who also rooted for Cooper…. in their own way…. we are sure he will live now. He survived his relentless diarrhea and frozen ears and badly infected hoof and he showed us how cows see the world, how much affection and intelligence they have and so much more now. These days we can’t imagine our lives without him. Personally, he (and little Diego and his adopted sister Frankie) brought me so much joy during these past months of some of the most stressful and scarily uncertain times of my life. I will always be his friend and I will always be grateful to those amazing little children who showed me how to love a stranger ( I know nothing about cows) so completely and unconditionally and perfectly naturally.