The Yearlings



Maize, Blue, Starr and Knox

Maize, Knox, Blue and Starr are all yearlings full Clydesdales born in Canada. Maize, Knox, Blue and Starr are all fillies. In Canada, many of what were PMU farms, have started selling their foals to meat farms in Japan.

Maize, Knox, Blue and Starr were the surplus of such a contract. These surplus foals are sold for the value of their weight in meat and this is how we came to have them.

Thanks to the long relationship our friend Barbara Graham has with the farmers breeding the mares (many once PMU mares) we are able to offer some help in bringing awareness to the plight of the Clydesdale horses.

While we are no way experts on the breed, nor are we breeders of them, we are very aware of the limited numbers of Clydesdales in the world. There are approx. 4000 in the world now. They are on the endangered species list.

There are many knowledgeable breeders of Clydes in Canada and in America and they do what they can to ensure the future of this amazing and helpful breed.

Join the Draft Herd  they too do what they can to ensure the future of this amazing and helpful breed.
We recommend getting to know and supporting them whenever possible. They are working hard to make sure we have Clydesdales into the future.

You can be a part of our youngsters’ stories by Joining the Herd and setting up a recurring donation through this website and share in helping them learn, grow and develop in the life that is most natural for them – with other working horses.

The younger ones are all looked after by many different retired working horses who are teaching them day by day about the world, what to worry about and what is no worry at all.